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Projects and news

During Gabe’s nap time I am able to finally get some long awaited projects done. This is also due to not having extra things to do on my leave of absence from work. Things such as having already graduated this past month with my Master of Arts in Counseling also contributes as well. I now have my house totally clean, pictures up to date (including scrapbooks up to date), my garden outside in bloom, and actually could read books and feel good about it! I even have recently gone through “stuff” and had a yard sale and took the rest to goodwill. Lately I’ve gotten VERY good deals from craigslist.

Since my last post we’ve traveled down South 4 times… seems like a lot but they were necessary for the most part. I’ll also be taking 3 more trips about the country before the end of July. Yikes! At least things are in order now because my laundry will be backed up by then 😉


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