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Where is summer?

It has been literally months since I’ve last posted on here. Summer officially ends and fall starts today. The entire month of July I was out of town at different places with Gabe and Andy joined me for part of the month. The first couple of weeks I was in North Carolina with my mom and sister and some family. We celebrated the 4th with extended family up on the mountain there. The following week I counseled for MTYC. My week was changed to about a month later than it has been the past years. I returned home on July 12th to do some major laundry and then our flight left Cleveland at 10:30am the next morning. Andy, Gabe, & I flew out to Denver, CO for a few weeks. Andy’s parents, Becki, Danny, and the Nathan Morris family also all went too. It was Andy’s maternal grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration and a huge family reunion. I started back to work in August. And last but not least, we moved on Friday. It is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath house with a basement too. Very exciting! Very soon I will get some pictures of our past couple of months up on here.

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