in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye

O Me O My O May

Wow. What a roller coaster ride this month has been. Ups and downs and in betweens. We had 2 funerals we attended. Andy’s paternal grandma and Aunt Nancy. We traveled to Illinois on the weekend of the 15th for Grandma’s. And then on the weekend of the 29th we traveled to Canada for Aunt Nancy’s. We took in a new boy on May 21st. His name is Joseph but goes by Joey and he is almost 18 mos. It is pretty cool that he is exactly 1 year and 3 days younger than Gabe. Boy o boy is that time of year busy with birthdays, anniversaries, and Thanksgiving already. He fits in real well and sleeps through the night already. On the 27th we had a permanency planning meeting for Gabe with CFS. It left a lot of unknowns. I dread this now in-between time period we are in when a decision has to be made and it is just on hold. It hasn’t been this way the whole time with Gabe until then. I pray that Gabe doesn’t become emotionally scared from all of this that may happen. I wonder if he knows what is going on? Andy seems to think that he may understand a little what is happening because he seems a bit stressed out when we are too, and extra clingy. He knows us as mommy and daddy. We take care of him in all aspects. He loves us and we love him. For some reason this all came about only 6 days after we took in Joey. I don’t understand. Praise the Lord for our strong marriage! I can’t imagine most people staying together with the amounts of crazy circumstances we have had. We are grateful for our family in the Lord and the many prayer warriers there are out there praying for us.

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