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Happy New Year… ya’ll!

Cuddled up writing our new years eve blog post
Cuddled up writing our new years eve blog post

Jenelle just told me (Andy) that I should write that my new years resolution is to put the kids to bed every night at 7pm so that I can have a date with my wife… hmm… but that wasn’t something I decided to do so I don’t suppose it is my resolution.   I do think we will seek to make extra sure we get some more dates though… maybe we can get back into baby sitting trading.

Andy: Gabriel…  What is your new years goal…

Gabriel: Gabriel momy daddie joey watchit…

Andy: Well that’s not much help… Joey what is your new years resolution

Joey: Resution…

Andy: Resolution?

Joey: Yes…

Jenelle: What you going to do?

Joey: Hot dog…

Jenelle: Eat hot dog?

Joey: Yes

So I am afraid the the people living in our home have not made unbelievable progress on resolutions.  We will have to work on it.  However our resolutions come out… We are all certain of one thing.  That our Lord will pile on blessings… more than we ever expected or hoped for this year!  Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

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