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I love to garden.  My parents always had us out in the garden growing up.  I think about how great it was to learn a useful skill like that.  It’s strange to think that this summer with the big garden that I won’t be sharing any with my dad.  I was hoping to supply him… Continue Reading

Ebb and Flow

Life sure has its ups and downs depending on how one looks at them.  It has literally been 1 and 1/2 years since this blog has been used.  Many many things have happened.  I suppose those who know us & love us dearly haven’t missed a beat really.  The next post (if I had continued… Continue Reading


Many awesome things happened this month. Highlights of the month are: -sand volleyball season -Indians games -dinner at the Mahon’s -my birthday dinner -whiskey island picnic & cornhole -when cleaning service happens -cluster group meeting -a new niece… the 1st one on the Morris side -a wedding -graduation parties Continue Reading

O Me O My O May

Wow. What a roller coaster ride this month has been. Ups and downs and in betweens. We had 2 funerals we attended. Andy’s paternal grandma and Aunt Nancy. We traveled to Illinois on the weekend of the 15th for Grandma’s. And then on the weekend of the 29th we traveled to Canada for Aunt Nancy’s.… Continue Reading


This week was all around an awesome week. On Wednesday Gabe & I met my mom at the Lodi Prime Outlet mall. From there we headed down to the Amish Country. It has been a long time coming. Gabe really enjoyed seeing the “horseeeees“. And then after we shopped the entire outlet mall at the… Continue Reading

Our very own support group

This evening we attended a cluster group for foster-adoptive parents. Sadly, we regret that it is the first time ever attending. We should’ve went a long time ago. It was such a tremendous help having people who share experiences with us to eat, talk, and discuss the “system”. We got to meet new people and… Continue Reading

Kid Swap

Tomorrow we get the Morris boys. A while ago we started our very own kid swap with Andy’s brother and SIL. It is always a joy to have Gabe’s little cousins over. And of course, he loves going over to their house when it is our turn. It is worked out so one week we… Continue Reading

Home Alone

It was a strange but nice reminiscing of life living on my own yesterday. Andy left for Columbus way early in the morning yesterday. Prior to that, on Wednesday night we left Gabe to stay over at the cousins house. We really appreciate having family around! Anyways, I worked all day Thursday and Friday and… Continue Reading